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If These Walls Could Talk: Iglesia de San Francisco, Witness to History – Quito, Ecuador
If These Walls Could Talk: Iglesia de San Francisco, Witness to History – Quito, Ecuador home_jul06_wallscouldtalk.jpgAmy Robertson wonders what s
My Life on a Bus – Machala, Ecuador
Rebecca Lorimer sometimes feels as though she's living her entire Ecuadorian life on a bus - a big, blue, dusty, reggeaton-blaring bus.
If Only all Thieves Were This Stupid! – Quito, Ecuador
When you hear about the travel horror stories you panic and try to ignore them and think it won't happen to you, and when it does, it happens so quick that you're not sure if it did.
Specialty of the House – Ecuador
Conor Grennan represses his memories of his sister's guinea pig and opens his mouth for cuy.
Lost in Translation – Quito, Ecuador
Conor Grennan knew Ecuador was going to be a bit of a challenge when he started barking out various combinations of the four Spanish words that he knew like a disturbed parrot.
My Travels with Andre – Ecuador
My Travels with Andre – Ecuador home_aug26_andre.jpgJarrett Bellini disc
Message in a Barrel – Postcard # 1: Quito – Quito, Ecuador
Postcard #1 reaches its destination in Quito amid political turmoil.
The Morning Glory – Ecuador
Ugly at first, Ecuador opens up to Rachel Applefield like a morning glory flower.
Mas Despacio! – Ecuador
Mas Despacio! – Ecuador home_april1_ecuador.jpgKari Frizzle k
Ecuador by Bus – Ecuador
Ecuador by Bus Ecuador In Ecuador, if you need to get somewhere, anywhere, chances are it will be by bus. Flooding and landslides during the 1982 El Nino phenomenon severely damaged the train network, and few lines have reopened. Buying a car or purchasing a flight is well beyond the reach of the majority of […]