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Past Edinburgh Festivals – Scotland, UK
Archived guides and information on Edinburgh's previous summer festivals.
Travel Guide to the Edinburgh Festival – Scotland, UK
Guide and information on the many festivals taking place in Edinburgh in the
month of August.
New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh – Edinburgh, Scotland
Nothing was going to stop Jennifer Morawiecki from
September 2001 – Edinburgh, Scotland
A Sudden September I took a stroll through Edinburgh this morning, relishing what would be one of the last days of summer. Although the sun was still shining, its rays weren’t as warm as last week, and a crispness was evident in the air. The streets I walk down are getting quieter, and with the […]
An Insider’s Guide to Festive Edinburgh (1 Aug 2001)
1 August 2001 Imagine yourself slightly overwhelmed: surrounded by people you don’t know, events you can’t control, and weather that constantly seems to work against you. Now, that’s just me on a good day. Add a few thousand tourists and the excitement of eight simultaneous festivals – and you’re right where I want you. My […]
Military Tattoo (2 Aug 2001)
Normally the Esplanade is the walkway to the Castle, but during Festive August it becomes the showground for the Tattoo’s performers. (More photos coming soon!) 2 August 2001 Against a backdrop of an illuminated castle, and scenery in colours only Kodak could supply, what better way to start the Festival than with a big bang […]
Mama Mia – Here I Go Again! (2 Aug 2001)
The basement bar of Bentley’s, on the corner of Home and Tarvit streets, is a refuge for mike mavens. 2 August 2001 Mama Mia – Here I Go Again! As the pubs and clubs in Edinburgh extend their opening hours for the festive season, those with a desire to perform outside of the Fringe gather […]
Links for Edinburgh’s Festivals, 2001
Festivals List Jazz & Blues Festival July 27-August 5 Office: 32 Market Street Box office: 0131 225 1188 Performers from all over the world turn the city into one big jazz club. Edinburgh Military Tattoo August 2-25 Office: 32 Market Street Box office: 0131 225 1188 Military and civilian performances from Scottish and worldwide forces […]
Edinburgh’s International Arts Festivals
Edinburgh is in it’s prime this month. Warm, lazy days and long summer nights are filled with excitement and discovery as the city’s streets come to life with street performers and music. For August has brought with it Edinburgh’s international arts festivals and the hundreds of shows, exhibitions, performances and activities that make it all. […]
Tips for Festival Fitness
For all the indulgences, pleasures, recreation and hedonism on offer in Edinburgh right now, opportunities for keeping in shape are surprisingly ample. Oddly yet naturally enough, a daily fitness routine is inherent in August’s festivities, so no true reveler, regardless of how hard- or soft-bodied upon arrival, has an excuse for not being a little […]