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Beyond the Backyard #9: And this is how it ends – South America
Her trip over all too quickly, Elysse, returns to Toronto with enough candy to feed her entire neighbourhood for the next three years, a parting gift from her boyfriend.
Beyond the Backyard #8: The Last Stop(s) – Santa Fe and Rosario, Argentina
Beyond the Backyard #8: The Last Stop(s) – Santa Fe and Rosario, Argentina Elysse traveled to Puerto Iguazu, a wee town in the north of Argentina whose claim to fame is the massive collection of waterfalls that makes Niagara Falls look like a leaking faucet.
Beyond the Backyard #6: A Little Something to Remember Us By… – Buenos Aires, Argentina
A gift from a hostel has Elysse scratching her head and she continues her travels to Uruguay where the locals are very friendly, perhaps too friendly.
Beyond the Backyard #7: It’s wabbit, no, whale-watching season!! – Argentina
Continued problems with Aerolineas Argentinas and bad weather can't take away from the awesome time Elysse had whale-watching. She also found a Taj Mahal replica made out of tin.
Beyond the Backyard #5: Everything Your Monther Told You Not to Do – Mendoza and Santiago, Chile
On her birthday, Elysse did exactly what every parent warns their child about: talking to strangers, taking rides from strangers, taking food from strangers...
Beyond the Backyard #4: On the Road – Argentina
Elysse finds Argentinian airline security to be a bit of an oxymoron and learns that deserts get pretty damn cold in winter.
Beyond the Backyard #1: Why and How South America?
Beyond the Backyard #1: Why and How South America? Elysse takes us on a quick newbies tour of preparing for a 2 month trip to three-and-a-half South American countries.
Beyond the Backyard #2: Mi Querido Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Elysse arrived in Buenos Aires, exhausted but ecstatic. Now all she has to do is figure out her way around and how to avoid becoming pedestrian roadkill.
Elysse Zarek: BootsnAll Photojournalist
Elysse Zarek: BootsnAll Photojournalist Elysse Zarek BootsnAll Photojournalist Elysse Zarek Elysse loves her own backyard. It’s lush and green, with giant locust trees swooping down from the sky and gorgeous flowers sprouting in the corners. But somewhere in her first year of university, she decided that there was more out there than her own backyard. So she set out […]