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Medeival Maidens in Tallinn
Medeival Maidens in Tallinn Join Christian Celind for a daytrip to wonderful Tallinn, Estonia.
Five of Europe’s Cosiest Christmas Markets
Five of Europe’s Cosiest Christmas Markets Anne-Sophie Redisch checks out European Christmas markets and mulled wine.
Baltic Countries in Five Days: Part II – Estonia, Latvia, Europe
Saricie Kuo's Baltic journey was made before tourists converge, as they already have upon Prague, Budapest and Krakow. There's still time, though.
The All-Consuming Tourist Gaze – Tallinn, Estonia
home_july1_estonia.jpgEstonia welcomes
Estonia Travel Facts
The Basics Country: Estonia Where is it: Estonia is located in Eastern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland, between Latvia and Russia. Why do people go here: History, culture and natural beauty are some of Estonia’s big draws. With more than a dozen national parks, hiking trails are abundant, and those who […]
What You Risk Reveals What You Value #3: Estonia – Estonia
Day one is Estonia is a success. Lizza found her way around, got a massage, met some other travelers and drank some very good Estonian beer.