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Berlin, Germany Info
Brandenburg Gate Let me start off by stating that I love Berlin. This city, which has had so much recent history as well as a more turbulent past, is undergoing gigantic changes since re-unification. I was amazed at the number of construction sites and of the massive building popping up all over the place. There […]
Prague, Czech Republic
Prague, Czech Republic Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, which is bordered by Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia. It has the reputation of being a great party town as well as having some of the nicest breweries ever built. Getting There Bastards-R-Us took the train from Vienna (It leaves Vienna from Sud-Bahnhof) and travels through Hohenhau, […]
Vienna, Austria
Vienna Vienna is the cultural centre of Europe with lots of museums, sights and famous places to visit. It is located in the eastern part of Austria (map). Getting There We drove into Vienna from Salzburg along the A1 main autobahn. A fast and efficient means of getting to the capital. Vienna is also well […]
Bologna, Italy Info
Bologna Bologna, home of Spaghetti Bolognese, Ducati and the oldest university in Europe. A place of culture, style and genuine warmth. It is located in the middle of Italy. Getting There The city is served well by train, the Aeroporto G. Marconi and the Autostradas A13 from Padova in the northeast, A14 from Ancona-Rimini in […]
Munich, Germany
Munich, Germany Munich (map), home of the Oktoberfest, is located in Bavaria in the south of Germany. The Oktoberfest is held from the last week in September to the end of October. Getting There Munich is well served by the German rail network, as well as major autobahn and an international airport. We drove from Stuttgart for […]
Stuttgart, Germany
Stuttgart, Germany Stuttgart (map) has the reputation of being one of the few cities totally flattened by Allied bombing during the Second World War, because of it’s industrial strength. As a consequence, the buildings here are all less than fifty years old. Still, there are some great touristy things to see here. Getting There Stuttgart is easily […]
Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius, Lithuania Vilnius (map) is the capital of Lithuania, one of the three Baltic breakaway former states of the Soviet Union. It is situated between Poland and Belarus. It is only 2 hours flying time from Frankfurt or London. Arriving into Vilnius by air, one is greeted by a large tarmac apron far in excess of the […]