Eve Armstrong Travel Articles

Climbing Volcán Barú – Panama, Central America
A small group of adventure seeking teanagers climb the highest mountain in Panama on the adventure of a lifetime.
Up and Down: Part 2 – Volcan Baru, Panama, Central America
Eve Armstrong made it to the top of Volcán Barú - and back down. Quite an accomplishment.
The Leopard Man – Scotland, Europe
Eve Armstrong met the Leopard Man - the strangest pensioner in all of Scotland.
Endless Wait: Speedy Exit – USA
Eve Armstrong hoped she would never have to endure another visa experience. She did, a year later.
Border Crossing – Costa Rica, Panama
Eve Armstrong found the border crossing between Costa Rica into Panama more than moderately confusing.
Finding Calm in Costa Rica – Central America
On the remote western edge of Corcovado National Park, Eve Armstrong searches for peace when she finds herself bored in the rainforest.
Road Trip USA
Eve Armstrong experienced the all American road trip - four girls, one car and 4,000 miles - an adventure of a lifetime and a dream come true.