Fed. St. Micronesia Travel Articles

The Most Distant Battlefield – Palau Islands, Fed. St. Micronesia
Rich McIntyre travelled thousands of miles to visit this most distant and least visited American battlefield of the Second World War, where for two terrible months in 1944, American Marine and Army un
Palau Travel Facts
The Basics Country: Palau Where is it?: Oceania, group of islands in the North Pacific Ocean, southeast of the Philippines Why do people go here?: One of the most beautiful Pacific islands, both above and below the water. Palau is home to 1500 different types of fish and numerous tropical forests. About 70 islands have […]
Fed. St. Micronesia Travel Facts
The Basics Country: Micronesia Where is it?: Oceania, island group in the North Pacific Ocean, about three-quarters of the way from Hawaii to Indonesia Why do people go here?: Home to hundreds of islands and the cliche something for everyone. With amazing wreck diving, bustling nightlife, and total seclusion on your own private beach all […]
Pursuit of the Endless Summer #12
Palau: Our Pacific Paradise Palau, a group of islands in Micronesia, is not a typical stop for independent travelers. Just getting there requires some effort; for us it took four layovers and six days due to our circuitous route and missed flight (see previous entry). Because of its isolation from nearest neighbors (about 800 miles […]
Exploring Palau by Sea Kayak – Micronesia
Barbara Shaw arrived exhausted after a transpacifi