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Having Everything and Nothing in Common – Fiji
Ending her 'unique' round-the-world trip in Fiji,
Kava King! – Beachcomber Island, Fiji
Kava King! – Beachcomber Island, Fiji Maurice Valentine didn't expect to go to Fiji, but
The Master of Magodro – Fiji
The Master of Magodro – Fiji Ian Everett is allowed to visit a rural school in
Pursuit of the Endless Summer #3
Bula Fiji! Sixty hours after beginning our travels from French Polynesia, we had arrived in Fiji and it’s capital city of Nadi and now had to think clearly and make arrangements for our three week stay. Lack of sleep sure made us cranky! We decided to visit two areas of Fiji. The first: Kadavu Island, […]
Part 2 of 2 – Beachcomber Island, Fiji
Part 2 of 2 – Beachcomber Island, Fiji Pleased To Meet You Beachcomber Island, Mamanuca Chain, Fiji Have you ever felt that click? But there was still doubt in my mind. I mean, did Miranda feel the same way? I had no clue what she thought – I mean, maybe she was just pulling my strings. Maybe I was just being confused again, […]
There And Back Again…Maybe #3
Stopover 2: Fiji We stepped off the plane in Nadi at some silly hour of the morning, with the sun still rising as we made our way out of the airport. Our accommodation was already booked at the Beachouse, some way to the south west and along the main island’s Coral Coast, but now we […]
Falling Down Mountains in Fiji (3 of 3)
Mountains behind Levuka, from The Peak After a few minutes’ rest, I realized we’d better get a move on. The struggle upwards had taken more than two hours, and the Bureta shuttle bus left in just a little after two hours more. Unfortunately, George and I both agreed there was no chance of making it […]
Falling Down Mountains in Fiji (2 of 3)
We slowly wound our way up into the hills, passing small farms and men chopping wood in the hot sun, and then what had been a leisurely, winding path became a climb. The trail took a sharp 60-70 degree angle upward, across rain-slick rock face with little in the way of footholds, and I immediately […]
Falling Down Mountains in Fiji (1 of 3)
Whenever he travels, Jeremy Hart seems to get hurt
Suva, Fiji Islands – May 1999
Spelt as S-U-V-A and pronounced as Soova, this is