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First Kiss Florence – Florence, Italy
Ed Thompson wistfully recalls the reason behind a trip to Florence.
Via Vingna Tuscana – Firenze (Florence), Italia
Ukie describes Firenze at its best.
Il Ballo Di Autostrada (The Freeway Dance) – Florence, Italy
A fender-bender is nothing Bobbie Webb can't handl
Florence Needs Italians – Florence, Italy
Florence Needs Italians – Florence, Italy With more tourists than Italians and more of a let
Tour of Duty: An art pilgrimage in southern Europe #2: A Rendezvous with Flora and Venus in Downtown Florence – Florence, Italy
All the major tourist attractions of Florence are within a few kilometres of the main train station, but Neville's there for the 15th-century rock star.
Small World, After All – Florence, Italy
Sarah Sung never expected the amazing adventure sh
Question of the Quest – Florence, Italy
When traveling, Colleen Dilts recommends taking th
Florence, Italy – Florence, Italy
Florence, Italy The city of Florence contributed largely to the cultural and political development of Europe. Even today Florence retains a strong resemblance to the late-medieval town it once was, even though it is Italy’s biggest tourist attraction. Visiting Florence is like stepping back into time. Florence is a small town. It is possible to […]
It Doesn’t Matter Which Road You Take #15
Episode Fifteen: Florence David, Karaoke and a Room With A View The train stops and the sign outside says “Firenze”, but the station looks somewhat odd. I remember reading that the main station is located in the heart of the city, but this surrounding countryside looks like an Italian version of Deliverance. Two girls with […]
Not Just Your Average Nunnery – Florence, Italy
Gerry Schwartz had stayed in many other interestin