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Fortaleza, Brazil – March 2001
Food Glorious Food A very very belated happy new year to all my readers. The last three or so months have been the most hectic for some time and have largely kept me on the road on a whistle stop tour of South America and Europe. I certainly saw some interesting things whilst on the […]
Fortaleza, Brazil – General Info (Part I)
Geography Located just under the equator, in a clearly tropical position, is the Cearense coast. The greenish-blue water is warm all year around. The average temperature ranges from 25 to 28°Celsius. Fortaleza is the capital of the North Eastern Brazilian state of Ceará. It is a large, modern city where bold, new architecture contrasts with […]
Fortaleza Travel Guide – FAQ’s
Recently I have found myself answering more emails about Fortaleza and Brazil in general than the Brazilian tourist board (secretly I think they are referring people to me). I am always happy to answer reader’s queries and hope this FAQ won’t replace the emails, but I think it would be nice to have a place […]
Tips for Travellers in Fortaleza
1) Debit cards – There are plenty of cash machines around, but it can be an adventure to find one that will work with your card! It is best to have a card with a VISA logo on it. If you don’t have a VISA logo, a Mastercard logo is second best. If you don’t […]
Fortaleza, Brazil – November 2000
This being my 12th update for BootsnAll tells me that I have now been in Fortaleza for one year. I really am not sure when the time has gone – probably spent at the beach or Almea Guema no doubt, but its quite incredible to think that a whole year has passed since I first […]
Fortaleza, Brazil – October 2000
Fortaleza, Brazil – October 2000 Natal Our BootsnAll visitors I must start off with a quick hello to Bart, Ester and Jeff, BootsnAll readers who popped down to see us last month. They seemed to enjoy the city and beaches and I suffered from some particularly bad hangovers. I have some more BootnsAll people arriving this month and I am […]
Fortaleza, Brazil – September 2000
Fortaleza, Brazil – September 2000 By Philip Blazdell September – Philip’s birthday month(hint hint – I like vintage champagne) Once again, welcome to this month’s fact-filled Fortaleza update. This last month has been incredibly tiring for the posse here as I had a near-miss with death in the form of a job interview – for […]
Fortaleza, Brazil – August 2000
Before I kick of this month’s guide, I would like to thank everyone who sent me emails of condolences after last month’s fiasco with my apartment and especially to BootsnAll posse member (some might say groupie) Zelda who arrived in the middle of my nervous breakdown, took me out partying and endured all when less […]
Fortaleza, Brazil – July 2000
I wanted to call this issue ‘My landlord is a ****’, but I thought that was a trifle too impolite, so I have decided to call it “My landlord is the dregs of humanity and as soon as I have finished writing this I am going to go and let his tires down”. Which I […]
Fortaleza, Brazil – June 2000
I am sitting typing this by the light of the full moon, which is rising over the sea now. The reason for this is not because I am having another one of my legendary economy drives (like the time when I was living in Asia and decided to only fly with PIA – my life, […]