Fortaleza Travel Articles

Fortaleza, Brazil – June 2000
I am sitting typing this by the light of the full moon, which is rising over the sea now. The reason for this is not because I am having another one of my legendary economy drives (like the time when I was living in Asia and decided to only fly with PIA – my life, […]
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Fortaleza, Brazil – May 2000
Fortaleza, Brazil – May 2000 OK, so we can’t play football too well, we are not so good at cricket these days, and our once fantastic empire is no more, but none of this ever stopped me being proud of being British. From Pakistan to Africa to Asia I have handed my faded passport over with some pride, feeling safe […]
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Fortaleza, Brazil – April 2000
I have just got back from a rapid whiz around Europe trying to drum up support and investment for Brazil and it seems that no one in Europe has a clue about Brazil. If I had a dollar, or even a ruble for each time I had been asked “do you have cars in Brazil”, […]
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