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Diving Adventure in the Galapagos #11
April 21st – Wolf Island Slept hard all night!! Sleep on this boat is divine. Mike got up at 0600 to look for dolphin and whale. I told him to come get me if he saw any, but none emerged. Breakfast bell rang at 0700. We’re running late, may not make Wolf until noon. Everyone […]
Diving Adventure in the Galapagos #10
April 20th – Bartholome Island Lay at anchor until about 0330, then el piloto fired up the engines and made way for Cousin Rock. Mike and I awoke when the engines fired up and went up to the sun deck (moon deck?) for a look at the Southern Cross. No pollution, and the Milky Way […]
Diving Adventure in the Galapagos #9
April 19th – Seymour Island in The Galapagos Got up too early this morning; forgot to set my watch back one hour and got up at 0445! I wasn’t alone, so did Dicksie and David. Sent Mike up for coffee and he came back fussing about the time, but brought coffee anyway. The boat traveled […]
Diving Adventure in the Galapagos #8
April 18th – Quito to The Galapagos Left the hotel at 0900 for an 1100 flight and had to get up at 0600 to find boxes to pack all my bargains brought home from Peru! Luggage and clothes, plus boxes of bargains that we won’t be taking to the islands will be safely stored for […]
Diving Adventure in the Galapagos #7
April 17th – Lima to Quito Up early again for a 0730 flight to Quito. All are really glad to be out of Lima. Flew Avensa Air again, and again the best service and food of the trip. Settled into the Alameda again. Great hotel with incredible flowers everywhere. Rooms are suites again and most […]
Diving Adventure in the Galapagos #6
April 16th – Cusco to Lima Early wake up call again. This time at 0515 for 0630 pick up. This time, not for a wonderful exotic destination, but for return flight to Lima. Flight time one hour. Lima has to be the dirtiest, most malodorous place in the world, except maybe Cairo! In places, there […]
Diving Adventure in the Galapagos #5
April 15th – Cusco to Machu Picchu Wake up call at 0430 for trip to Machu Picchu. Picked up promptly at 0600 by Roberto, our trusty guide, we boarded the train at 0600 for the 3½ hour trip into the Andean wilderness to the Inca city that draws awe and reverence from people the world […]
Diving Adventure in the Galapagos #4
April 14th – Lima to Cusco Hotel forgot to give us our wake-up call. Fortunately Mike’s internal alarm is alive and well. Made our flight on AeroPeru with time to spare. The bathrooms at Lima Airport have a real racket going: you can pee free, but must pay for the toilet paper. An attendant doles […]
Diving Adventure in the Galapagos #2
April 13th – Quito, Ecuador to Lima, Peru Awake at 0545, thrilled to be here, overjoyed to be alive and in good company. Ate breakfast in the hotel, the best pineapple I have ever eaten! Interesting coffee: the coffee is brewed and concentrated to a very strong brew, then poured into your cup in conjunction […]
Diving Adventure in the Galapagos #1
April 12th – USA to Quito, Ecuador Here we are again! It’s adventure time again – this time a very special and much anticipated destination: the Galapagos islands, following brief forays into Ecuador and Peru. We’re getting more exotic and daring all the time. Woke up at 4:00am. Unable to sleep any longer. Let all […]