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The Heart of Kumasi – Ghana, Africa
Gayle Pescud vows to navigate West Africa's largest open air market alone. She accomplishes her mission and adds another one.
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What I Always Forget About Ghana – Africa
When the lay preacher reveals an instrument that would make the most potent tiger nut chewing man blush, Gayle Pescud considers her options.

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Author Bio – Gayle Pescud
Indie Rating – Rate It BUDGET $– per day What is Indie Travel? My indie travel rating for : Your daily travel Costs (Optional) –$5$10$15$20$25$30$35$40$45$50$55$60$65$70$75$80$85$90$95$100$105$110$115$120$125$130$135$140$145$150$155$160$165$170$175$180$185$190$195$200USD Approx, excluding flights Rate Gayle Pescud has spent two years traveling and working in Ghana, West Africa, where she’s now employed as manager of one of Africa’s leading fair trade […]
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