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Toronto, Ontario – September/October 2001
Well, Toronto didn’t quite make the cut for the 2008 Olympics, but Fall is approaching and the events in Toronto are running full tilt. Sept. 1-3 Canadian International Air Show The last days of the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) are highlighted by the majesty of commercial and military aircraft overhead. This events signals the end […]
Toronto, Ontario – July/August 2001
Summer in the city and the emphasis is on street festivals and entertainment. Toronto finds out in July if it was selected as the site for the 2008 Olympic Summer Games. July 1st Canada Day Canada turns 134 on this day marked by outdoor parties, special events and fireworks. Check the local papers for what’s […]
Day Trips From Toronto – Toronto, Ontario
There are many possibilities for day trips from Toronto (within a 1-3 hour one-way drive). Some destinations are better from May to October, while others are great year-round.
Toronto, Ontario – June 2001
Well, June is bustin’ out all over and so are the outdoor festivals in Toronto. June 7-9 North by Northeast Music Festival Dozens of artists perform at clubs across the city over a three-day period. For information, surf onto June 10 Festival on Bloor This is a lively stretch of Bloor Street – from […]
Not Just Your Average Nunnery – Florence, Italy
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Toronto, Ontario Travel Guide – Unique Bookshops and Cafés
Toronto, Ontario Travel Guide – Unique Bookshops and Cafés Toronto has two all-Canadian chain bookstores complete with in-house cafes, in various central locations. They are Chapters and Indigo and are open 7 days a week. They all have their own music and gift departments as well as cafés for noshing and schmoozing. They even have evening live entertainment and learning sessions. However, for those […]
Toronto, Ontario – December 2000/January 2001
Well December is a hectic month for parties and shopping; and January in the post-holiday season is generally a slow-moving month. There are not a lot of big events in the Toronto area but the theatre season is in full swing with special holiday performances of The Nutcracker and The Hobbitt on stage. We have […]
The Scuds and I (2 of 2)
The Scuds and I (2 of 2) Gerry Schwartz had meant to go on a Kenya safari a
The Scuds and I (1 of 2)
The Scuds and I (1 of 2) Gerry Schwartz had meant to go on a Kenya safari a
Toronto, Ontario – March 2001
It’s March and spring is in sight, which brings large consumer shows to town: March 1-4: Toronto Golf and Travel Show Everything to do about this popular sport. For location and details, go to March 10-18: Toronto Sportsmen’s Show This is Canada’s largest venue for the great outdoors. Check out March 14-16: Canada […]