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Lions in the Serengeti (1 of 3)
Family pride takes on a whole new meaning when Gra
The Temples and Ruins of Angkor Wat (1 of 3)
The ancient magic of Angkor Wat is strong even in
Krakatau by Night
Even though the volcano Krakatau blew itself up ov
The Erotic Temples of Khajuraho (1 of 2)
In India's Khajuraho temples, erotica is a religio
Climbing Mt. Meru (2 of 2)
From Saddle hut onwards, the forest was far less dense and lush, as we were above the usual cloud line. Forty minutes of hard climbing brought us to the edge of the tree line, near Rhinoceros Point. This curious name arises from the discovery at this spot – some 3,800 metres above sea level – […]
The Asiatic Lion’s Last Stronghold: India’s Gir Forest (1 of 2)
In the wild, the endangered Asiatic lion only occu
Climbing Mt. Meru (1 of 2)
Mt. Meru lacks a lot of the things Kilimanjaro has
Sri Lanka’s Hill Country by Train
In Sri Lanka, cheap first-class tickets and free w
Alone in Malaysia: Hiking the Taman Negarah Rainforest (2 of 2)
I walked briskly to Kumban Hide, rumoured to be the best of the 10 or so hides for seeing animals; the hides nearest to the headquarters tend to be booked by Malaysian students looking for a place to party late into the night. It was about three hours’ walk to reach the hide, although it […]
Orangutans at Tanjung Puting (2 of 2)
A visit to an orangutan care centre in Borneo brin