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Dressing-Up for Semana Santa – Antigua, Guatemala
home_may20_ss.jpgLito Galvan rec
Vainglorious Towers – Guatemala
Cool Comfort in Antigua – Antigua, Guatemala
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Antigua’s Environs – Antigua, Guatemala
Lito Galvan continues his tour of Guatemala's architectural wonders by exploring Antigua's surrounding area.
Old World Treasure Hunting in Antigua – Antigua, Guatemala
Out-of-this-Barrio Kiddieland – San Andres Xecul, Guatemala
Cloud Nine Tango over the Altiplano – Northern El Altiplano, Guatemela
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Flores – Lake Bud in Tropical Heat – Flores, Guatemala
Flores may not be easily located as Santa Elena but its idyllic dreamy location embellished with attractive colors and lights reflected in the lake day and night proves irresistibly another getaway fo
Gathering Glimpses of Guatemala City – Guatemala City, Guatemala
Struggling to be all-in-one Native-American, nostalgically European, and vibrantly Modern against political and natural odds on a back-burner reputation, Guatemala City offers amusingly simple attract
Chichicastenango’s Spell – Chichicastenango, Guatemala
Chichicastenango is famous for its brand of Christian-Mayan worship - a brotherhood of church members dedicated to a Christian saint's veneration, tradition, and rites. It's also famous for its Mayan