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Hanoi Heaven – Hanoi, Vietnam
Hanoi Heaven – Hanoi, Vietnam home_jul06_hanoi.jpgChristine Wuthrich t
Backwards in Hanoi – Hanoi, Vietnam
Backwards in Hanoi – Hanoi, Vietnam Francis Wilson takes the time to enjoy Hanoi's hea
The Millennium Trip – Letter #13
Mickey Mouse walked into the cafe closely followed by Pluto. He was dressed in battle fatigues and he had a green handkerchief tied over his head in the way favoured by GI’s during the war. He had cut two holes in the top of the handkerchief where his ears stuck out. “Where are you going, […]
Sunburned Shoulders and the Hanoi Hilton – Hanoi, Vietnam
For whatever reasons - the lack of tourists, the n
What Do Travellers Do All Day?: #7 – Trains RUS, Part II – Halong Bay, Cat Ba and Hanoi, Vietnam
Never pass up a chance to sample Vietnamese Water Puppetry, but don't be afraid to decline the wine, even if it offends the whole nation.
What Do Travellers Do All Day?: #6 – Trains RUS, Part I – Sapa, Bac Ha and Hanoi, Vietnam
Lolling is much more easily done after ample samping of homemade Vietnamese whiskey and heading to the hills of Sapa.
Worldwide with Wee-Cheng #69: Hanoi & Northern Vietnam: A Courageous People Have Arisen Again – Hanoi, Vietnam
How cafe chon is made might add a new meaning to the expression "shit coffee," but Tan Wee-Cheng says it doesn't taste anything like shit.