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When You Fall Down, Keep on Walking
When You Fall Down, Keep on Walking On a seemingly normal Sunday afternoon, I carried a garbage bag and an empty pizza box out to the dumpster, and without warning a tree limb struck me, breaking my neck. Through my multiple-month recovery, limited to a full back, torso, and neck brace, I lost my job as well as uncovered that my husband had been unfaithful. How do you like them apples? With no showers, no driving, and other medical restrictions, my only allowed physical therapy and solace was walking.
From Desk Job to Dream Job
From Desk Job to Dream Job Is it time for a change of scenery and lifestyle? Perhaps you want to experience the world from more than just behind a desk? Learn from Heidi N. Siefkas as she shares her triumphs and challenges in her move away from a desk job to a writer and tour guide through Cuba, Peru, and in 2014 Kauai, New Zealand, and Australia.
An American’s Guide to Visiting Cuba
An American’s Guide to Visiting Cuba Find the answers to your Cuba travel questions, current tips, and itinerary suggestions from Ms Traveling Pants, an American freelance writer, who wants others to also discover the beauty of the Cuba. Learn how to get there, what to do, and how to do it!
Author Bio: Heidi Siefkas
Having a curious streak, Heidi has taken her Midwestern roots and traveled to uncover new places, cultures, languages, and adventures from Patagonia to the Sahara and places in between.  After almost a decade of writing in travel journals, in 2008 Heidi started a personal travel blog under her nickname, Ms Traveling Pants. Currently, she hangs […]