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Mayan Ruins – Guatemala and Honduras
Mayan Ruins – Guatemala and Honduras home_march25_mayan.jpgIf it's ruins yo
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Copán Ruins, Honduras
Sculpture at the Acropolis The kings of Copán in northern Honduras make the House of Windsor seem very boring and commonplace – what exotic names they have: King Waterlily Jaguar, Moon Jaguar and Smoke Imix (Jaguar), the wise and powerful king who built Copán into a military stronghold around 690 AD. Smoke Shell, the 15th […]
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Gulf of Honduras
Gulf of Honduras Macaw Parrot Mérida in the Yucatán, Mexico, early morning. I farewelled my travel companion Chrissy who was flying back to Australia. Next I boarded a bus going south to Chetumal on the border with Belize. I had allowed a month to get to Panama City where I would catch my plane to Jo’burg, South Africa. […]
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