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Curious Cuisine in Hong Kong – Hong Kong
"Bite and suck," Tami tells Ellen Peneski, her umber eyes wide with anticipation.
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Food in Hong Kong – Hong Kong
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Party 151 – Hong Kong
Brian O'Sullivan encounters Cuban 151, English stupidity and South Africa generosity...all in Hong Kong.
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Copy Watch? – Hong Kong
The practice of shopping and bargining is a fine-t
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The Wild West of Asia
Mark Brasher found it easy to slip into the expat
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Manila to Hong Kong on $1 (2 of 2)
After many hours of restlessly shifting around on my row of 4 plastic chairs and watching plane after plane load up and people leave, things began to quiet down. Night had fallen, and everyone seemed to accept that nothing was going to happen for a while. The airline counters were closing for the night, the […]
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Manila to Hong Kong on $1 (1 of 2)
Putting the "budget" in budget travel, Nick O'Neil
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Hungry in Hong Kong
Amity Mills is your guide to find the best deals a
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Hong Kong
Philip Blazdell looks at the former British colony
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Arriving in Hong Kong (4 of 5)
The following day I phoned my parents in England. I had a small amount of cash in a bank account and needed it. I went to a booth on Nathan Road and after getting through to England heard the message, “This number is no longer in service.” My God! I thought, breaking out in a […]
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