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Arriving in Hong Kong (4 of 5)
The following day I phoned my parents in England. I had a small amount of cash in a bank account and needed it. I went to a booth on Nathan Road and after getting through to England heard the message, “This number is no longer in service.” My God! I thought, breaking out in a […]
Arriving in Hong Kong (3 of 5)
For those who’ve never had the thrill of landing at the old airport in Hong Kong, ‘Kai Tak’ was better than any amusement park ride. You enter Hong Kong airspace from the west, fly over the outer lying islands, then make a steep right bank to land in downtown Kowloon. Let’s get this straight: not […]
Arriving in Hong Kong (2 of 5)
I knew there was an area called Khao San Road in the west of the city that was a haven for backpackers. I boarded a bus outside the airport and rode it downtown. When in the center of town I noticed we were stopped at a large intersection. I took this opportunity to jump off […]
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There are many ways of finding work in Hong Kong w
South East Asia on a Hamstring – March 13
Homeward Bound – March 13, 2000 I said goodbye to my pal Lochie and flew to Bangkok. I was on a frequent flyer ticket and hadn’t gotten quite the itinerary I’d wanted and so I signed up to fly standby on the next flight to Hong Kong. If I missed this flight, I’d certainly be […]
South East Asia on a Hamstring
Hong Kong Airport – January 14, 2000 As I settled down to a coffee and muffin in Hong Kong’s new airport, the nearby stationery kiosk went blurry and I realized that I was really out of it. My New York to Hong Kong leg of my flight took 20 hours, including the hour spent waiting […]
Hong Kong, China – September 1999
Hong Kong, China – September 1999 Wrapped in a concrete forest, Hong Kong is not known to be a place for viewing wild animals. In actuality, Hong Kong is home to the Chinese White Dolphins, one of the most adorable animals in the world. Until the Hong Kong government selected the Chinese White Dolphins as the mascot for the cityÂ’s reunification […]
Hong Kong, China – August 1999
Hong Kong, China – August 1999 Hong Kong is perhaps the only city in the world where shopping surpasses any monument or historical site as the cityÂ’s main tourist attraction. If you donÂ’t go shopping in Hong Kong, itÂ’s like going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. Tourists donÂ’t come here with their cameras. They come here to buy one. […]