Ian Botts Travel Articles

Travels With Nate #8: Luxor – Dahab – Nuweiba (town of doom) – Aquba, Jordan
Ian left a part of himself on the mountain while climbing Mt Sinai. Catching the ferry to Jordan from Nuweiba proves to be very difficult.
Travels With Nate #10: Amman, Jordan
Nate's not too keen on the idea, but Ian tries to turn camels into mountain-climbers to surprise some friends.
Travels With Nate #6:Aswan to Luxor, Egypt, Africa
Ian is ready to give up rafting and become a falucca captain after a leisurely 3 day trip down the Nile.
Travels With Nate #7: Luxor – Dahab – Nuweiba (town of doom) – Aquaba, Jordan
Ian has shaken off his illness and is well enough to visit the Valley of the Kings and the Karnak temple complex.
Travels With Nate #5: Aswan, Egypt
Relaxing is top priority on a short side trip to Aswan. On a lighter note, Nate may have fallen in love.
Travels With Nate #3: Athens – Cairo – Aswan – Edfu – Luxor and everywhere in between!
Somehow Ian makes his way to Egypt. After telling a cab driver he has four wives, Ian decides that Egypt feels like a different world.
Travels With Nate #4: Cairo, Egypt
Ian fulfills a childhood dream to visit the great pyramids of Giza. He also tries some sheesha for the first time and will be going back for more.