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Bali Travel Guide – Things to Do
Bali Travel Guide – Things to Do Things to Do Blackie’s seafood restaurant Whilst at Jimbiran Bay if you like fresh seafood you must go to a restaurant on the beach (actually on the sand). There are about 40+ on the beach but then best one is the Intan Café. The owner is a Balinese nicknamed BLACKIE (actually on his business card), […]
Bali Travel Guide – The People
The People Basically they are lovely people and you will enjoy the experience. It is worth noting however that it is a very poor country and the people chase every dollar. In January ’99 we saw, for the first time, beggars on the streets (mainly at night). We are advised NOT to give to them, […]
Bali Travel Guide – Shopping
Shopping There are three main shopping situations/locations: Street Hawkers I mentioned these watch sellers, perfume sellers before and the main thing to remember is that they are the only people that will hassle you. If you remain cool, however, you may actually enjoy the experience. They will always ask at least 2½ times more than […]
Bali Travel Guide – Health and Money Exchange
Health We have spent over 50 days in Bali now over the past three years and have not been sick once. Several years ago the expression “Bali Belly” had more meaning, as the eating-places had not caught up with basic hygiene good practices. The basic rules are these: – Do not drink local tap water. […]
Bali Travel Guide – Arrival
Arrival When you arrive at Denpasar and move through Immigration you then grab your luggage and will immediately experience the friendly people of Bali. Two or three Balinese porters will grab your luggage and your first thought will be that they are going to steal it! In fact, they are there to ‘help’ you get […]
Yogyakarta, Indonesia – March 2000
Yogyakarta, Indonesia – March 2000 Events March 3 – Graduation in Pudyaraja, conducted in traditional Javanese center including activities of dancing, karawitan (traditional music), leather puppet, poetry, batik, architecture and traditional clothing. March 4 – Kethoprak, a traditional Javanese drama, performed in RRI Auditorium II at 8pm-12pm. March 13 – Numplak Wajik (food made of sticky rice) at 4:00 pm, […]
Yogyakarta, Indonesia – February 2000
Events Feb 2: Anniversary of Prince Murteja, performed in Padepokan Pudyaraja Jl. Suryodiningratan at 10am. Feb 5: Traditional Ballet, performed in RRI Auditorium II at 8pm-12pm Feb 12: Leather Puppet Show, performed at Sasono Hinggil South Kraton Square. Feb 2 – 12: Djoglo Gallery soft opening, at Padhepokan Pamengku, Jl. Timor-Timur 183B, Kentungan. Edutourism (language […]
Where is Yogya?
Where is Yogya? Indonesia (map) is an archipelago country, consists of more than 17,000 islands scattered along from Sumatera to Irian Jaya. It is divided into 26 provinces. The big five islands are Sumatera, Jawa (Java), Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya. Bali is the most popular destination for tourists, while Yogya is the second. However, these two places […]
Yogyakarta, Indonesia – Where to Stay
Hotels For travellers wanting to stay in hotels, I recommend these listed hotels. Radisson Hotel, J1. Gejayan, Yogyakarta (****), Ph:584222 This hotel has a regular Christian Congregation prayer. Jayakarta Hotel, J1. Adisucipto (****), Ph: 566418 People say its pool is the best in Yogyakarta. Phoenix Hotel, J1. Jend. Sudirman (***),Ph: 566617 It is located in […]