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Shiraz – Saturday April 17
I took the morning off and read in my room after breakfast. About 9:30 I got restless and I headed out to visit some of the mosques I wanted to see. They were located in and around the bazaar. I had a great morning and found all of the places I was looking for. The […]
Getting Around in Iran
The night I first arrived in Tehran I was met by a guy from the travel agency. He was holding a little sign with my name on it. He said, “Welcome. Come over here, I have something to show you.” He led me away from the throng to the far side of the arrival hall. […]
Iran – Money Matters
For the Western tourist, Iran is a cash economy. While I did hear rumors that you could use a credit card (I believe they said Visa was accepted) cash is still the preferred method of payment. I was also told that traveler’s checks could only be cashed at banks. I took only cash so I […]
How I got a visa to visit Iran
Working with Iran Tours Corporation of Tehran Years ago, when I first saw a picture of those magnificent blue-tile domes in Isfahan, I knew I would have to go to Iran. Then came the 1979 revolution and Americans were no longer welcome. I watched from afar and wondered if I would ever get a visa. […]
Iran Hotel Reviews
The Abassi in Isfahan This was a really lovely hotel, a converted caravanserai with a huge garden in the center. A lot of tour groups pass through and the staff can be a little distant. Make sure you get a room that faces the courtyard. My first night I had one in the front that […]
Dress Code in Iran
Iran is a country with a dress code. The rules are quite simple: for men, no short pants or short sleeve shirts. For women, your head and hair must be covered. You must also wear something loose to cover your body to mid-calf. So much for the rules: what was interesting was the variations I […]
Tehran – Tuesday April 20
I got a taxi from the hotel in the morning. I asked to be taken to the Glass and Ceramic Museum: I had read that it was one of the few museums open on Tuesday. Instead the driver stopped at the Islamic Museum which is just down the street and which my guidebook said was […]
Tehran – Monday April 19
I took another pass at the bazaar and mosques in the morning, but my heart wasn’t in it – I was ready to leave. I ended up reading in the hotel lobby while waiting for my noon flight to Tehran. At the entrance to the airport I stepped up to the x-ray machine expecting to […]
Shiraz – Sunday April 18
One of the main reasons travelers come Shiraz is to visit Persepolis. The city was the capital of the Persian Empire and was burned to the ground by Alexander the Great, some say in revenge for the Persian’s burning Athens. Anyway, all that happened in the 3rd century BC. I had arranged with the hotel […]
Shiraz – Friday, April 16
Free Again When I arrived in Shiraz I noticed that there were black flags throughout the bazaar and even in some mosques. When I inquired, I was told that they were in observance of the death of Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed, in 680. One night as I was lying in my room, […]