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Iran Hotel Reviews
The Abassi in Isfahan This was a really lovely hotel, a converted caravanserai with a huge garden in the center. A lot of tour groups pass through and the staff can be a little distant. Make sure you get a room that faces the courtyard. My first night I had one in the front that […]
Dress Code in Iran
Iran is a country with a dress code. The rules are quite simple: for men, no short pants or short sleeve shirts. For women, your head and hair must be covered. You must also wear something loose to cover your body to mid-calf. So much for the rules: what was interesting was the variations I […]
Iran – Money Matters
For the Western tourist, Iran is a cash economy. While I did hear rumors that you could use a credit card (I believe they said Visa was accepted) cash is still the preferred method of payment. I was also told that traveler’s checks could only be cashed at banks. I took only cash so I […]
How I got a visa to visit Iran
Working with Iran Tours Corporation of Tehran Years ago, when I first saw a picture of those magnificent blue-tile domes in Isfahan, I knew I would have to go to Iran. Then came the 1979 revolution and Americans were no longer welcome. I watched from afar and wondered if I would ever get a visa. […]
Kerman – Wednesday, April 14
The morning’s excitement was when Moghadam discovered that he had forgotten his beloved mobile phone and we had to dash back to the hotel to get it. This put him in a foul mood and for a while he passed everything in sight. Finally when we got into the desert he slowed down a little. […]
Yazd – Tuesday, April 13
The Unwanted Tour On the trip south there seemed to be police checkpoints every hour or so. I wouldn’t have thought much about them except my driver, Moghadam, would turned the tape player down and sat up a little straighter. We were always waved through except at one as we neared Bam in the southern […]
Isfahan – Monday, April 12
I wanted to make one last attempt to see Chahar Bagh. On my way out in the morning I walked by again. There was no one around but the door was ajar. I pushed it open and stepped inside. I found a guard sitting there and he just looked at me. I walked over and […]
Isfahan – Sunday, April 11
After breakfast I headed out to look for a place to exchange some money. The street rate is significantly better than the official bank rate and my guidebook suggested an exchange office that was nearby. On the way, just around the corner in fact, was a theological school I wanted to visit, Madrase-ye Charar Bagh. […]
A Great Beginning April 10
It was my first full day in Isfahan. As I was wandering the magnificent Emam mosque, two young Iranian girls came over to talk to me. They were maybe 14-15 years old and their lovely, smiling faces were framed by their black chadors, that all-encompassing garment that most woman wear in Iran. “What’s your country?” […]