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Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy – Rome, Italy
Studying abroad in Rome, Bradley T. Kestner is saddened to learn of Pope John Paul II's illness and death.
Vesuvius (Ad)Venture – Campania, Italy
Joan Schmelzle reaches the top of a volcano - but not in the way she expects!
Snap Out Of It – Naples, Italy
Susan Van Allen becomes a member of her expressive homeland in Naples.
Discovering Richard Mellow – Lecchi and Chianti, Italy
Michael Swirnoff is surprised to learn that a tailgating Italian is a talented American painter.
Il Ballo Di Autostrada (The Freeway Dance) – Florence, Italy
A fender-bender is nothing Bobbie Webb can't handl
Italian Cooking Lesson
Italian Cooking Lesson Justine Merrill knows the Italian secret for cooki
A Country Full of Love and Beauty – Italy
Italy, the country millions of people go to, has e
Take a huge step back in history – Sluderno, Alto Adige, Italy
Check out German-speaking Italy: it's definitely w
The Dark Heart of a Beautiful City – Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Just because you don't hear about the mafia doesn'
Ruining Agrigento – Sicily, Italy
Ruining Agrigento  – Sicily, Italy Closed tourist offices, rain and the Festival of t