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Responsible Traveler in Costa Rica – Jaco, Costa Rica, Central America
Darcy Lewis suggests that responsible travelers to Costa Rica pack more than what will fit in their backpacks - respect, warmth, meaning and sensitivity.
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Jaco Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Jaco Where is it located?: Jaco is located in Costa Rica, slightly south of San Jose, on the Pacific Ocean. Why do people go there?: Those tired of the hustle and bustle of San Jose usually head to this oceanside town for some relaxation in the sand and sun. How do […]
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On the Occasion of My Third Deportation from Costa Rica (1 of 2)
Will the third time be the charm? Twelve days will tell, and it will be the
truth ? but maybe not quite the whole truth.
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Jaco, Costa Rica is for Gunslingers
Qualifying Statement #3 I have always been most comfortable in the backroom of a seedy bar with the gangsters and the hookers and the dealers and the pimps, which, by default, usually includes the Police. Take, for example, The Northside Tavern in Atlanta, Georgia, where there is a knifing every Saturday night or The Clermont […]
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