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On the Road in Jamaica: Honk, Swerve and Ignore the Brakes – Jamaica
Roller coasters are in short supply in Jamaica, but if you're a diehard, thrill-seeking, amusement park fanatic, it's easy enough to imagine how the entire island might become your personal theme park
A Jamaican Dance – Ocho Rios, Jamaica
Nick Klenske is the Shopping Guru, King of the Bargain. Or so he thinks...
One Love - Honeymooning in Jamaica – Montego Bay, Jamaica
Matt Shorrock took his new wife Victoria to Montego Bay on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica for their honeymoon and discovered that there's more to life in the Caribbean than just cricket and rum.
Jamaica Travel Facts
The Basics Country: Jamaica Where is it?: Caribbean, island in the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba Why do people go here?: Ja making me crazy, mon! Jamaica’s proximity to the US, its laid back nature, and claims to Bob Marley and PLENTY of resorts make it a top tourist destination. What are the main entry […]
Kingston Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Kingston Where is it located?: Kingston is located in Jamaica, on the eastern half of the island. Why do people go there?: Kingston isn’t the most beautiful city in the Caribbean, but it has its fair share of colonial charm, excellent food and the Bob Marley museum to boot! How do […]
Jammin’ in Jamaica – Jamaica
Jammin’ in Jamaica – Jamaica Shirley Camia witnessed both the beauty and traged
Find Me In Jamaica #9
Find Me In Jamaica #9 The time had come to say goodbye to Jamaica, but just like on the way over, Amy's flight got cancelled.
Find Me In Jamaica #7
Amy wrote 15 pages in her journal in one hour at 4:30am. What exactly can we interpret from our dreams?
Find Me In Jamaica #8
Find Me In Jamaica #8 The drive to Strawberry Hill resort was exhausting, but once there, there's not much else to do except sit by the pool and relax.
Find Me In Jamaica #5
Find Me In Jamaica #5 A day trip to Ocho Rios takes in the incredible views from Noel Coward's home and a look at the exclusive Goldeneye resort.