Jeremy Taylor Travel Articles

China. Maybe One Day #11: Christmas Down Under – Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
A summer Christmas was a new experience and Santa came through with some very useful items for a road trip around Australia.
China. Maybe One Day #16: Hill Tribes in Thailand – Thailand
Jez signed up for a 3 day hill tribe trek. he was amazed by the elephants and unimpressed with the food.
China. Maybe One Day #17: Journeys in Time – Laos
Jez will always remember Laos for the charm of the old royal capital, the friendliness of the people and a bus journey through the heart of the country.
China. Maybe One Day #15: Smiley Happy People – Thailand
Welcome to Thailand. Every day is a holiday. Since arriving, Jez hasn't felt like a backpacker, he's felt like a tourist.
China. Maybe One Day #14: Monsoon Season in Malaysia
Jez travelled to Pilau Tioman in Malaysia on the recommendation of a friend, but found he saw all he needed to see within a day or so.
China. Maybe One Day #13: Two Singapore Slings and a New Pedal, Please – Singapore
Shunning the chance to watch two gorgeous, young Swedish girls play volleyball in their bikinis, Jez was able to see more of the sights of Singapore.
China. Maybe One Day #8: Low Points and Highlights – Peru
After a quick bout of a mystery illness, Jez is back on his feet and continuing his travels into Peru. While Cusco is a great place to hang out (ie: get drunk and party), he still managed to hike the
China. Maybe One Day #9: Adios, South America – Peru
Jez has decided that climbing mountains is too much like hard work after spending 12 hours to reach the summit of El Misty.
China. Maybe One Day #10: Waltzing Matilda – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Flying into Sydney was like returning to an old friend as Jez re-visited familiar landmarks and old haunts.
China. Maybe One Day #12: Aussie Road Trip – Adelaide to Perth, Australia
During their road trip from Adeliade to Perth, Jez and his girlfriend did not use the turn signals on the car for 2700 kms.