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On the Road to Petra – Petra, Jordan
On the Road to Petra – Petra, Jordan home_jul06_petra.jpgDanny Hizon thinks t
The Red Desert of Wadi Rum – Wadi Rum, Jordan
In Jordan, Michael Cornn discovers rock climbing, the meaning of the word friable and a moment that will last a lifetime.
Fill It Up – Madaba, Jordan
While in Jordan, American Michael Cornn meets some not-so-friendly supporters of bin Laden.
Arm Wrestling Arabs in Petra – Petra, Jordan
Jason Hahn learns another valuable road-warrior lesson: Don't arm wrestle with Arab men for money.
The Desert Castles of Jordan – Jordan
The Desert Castles of Jordan – Jordan David M. Weber frequents tour-bus haunts not often visited by the solo traveller.
Round the World by Bike: Syria to Amman, Jordan (10 December 2001)
The British Consulate warned against travelling in Syria. After Al's experiences there, they must be trying to keep it a secret for themselves.
Travels With Nate #9: Aquba – Petra, Jordan
Ian is spending a few days wandering around the famous city of Petra and yes, he saw the same building as in the Indiana Jones movie!
Searching for Something #9: Pilgrimage to Petra – Petra, Jordan
Even waiting 18 hours for a ferry can make for a good travel experience, but crossing 8-lane roads on foot is another story.
Vast, Echoing and God-like – Jordan
Vast, Echoing and God-like – Jordan Wadi Rum is simply one of the world's most picture
This Jordan Doesn’t Play Basketball – Petra, Jordan
The Treasury, which once captivated Indiana Jones,