Justin Pushman Travel Articles

Gorillas in Zaire – Parc National des Virunga, Congo
With fake ID in hand, Justin Pushman spent an hour
Welcome to Miami – Miami, Florida
Miami was the biggest, busiest and most expensive
Harley Types – Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
In Daytona for Bike Week, Justin Pushman checks ou
Dollars or Sols? – Tacna, Peru
Changing money in Peru is a long, drawn out proces
Nazca to Cusco – Peru
The most direct route was fraught with kidnappings
Train Surfing – Battenbang to Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Train Surfing Battenbang to Phnom Penh, Cambodia Proper The Fugitive stuff, the movie I mean. Or could be from some old wild west flicks. Backs up the Cambodia wild west theme anyway. The train ride from Cambodia’s second city, Battenbang, back to the capital Phnom Penh. Ticket costs $3, the locals pay about $1. I […]
Football Fever – Kho Pha Ngan, Thailand
Sure you can catch the FA Cup final in Kho Pha Nga
Parque Tayrona – Colombia
The jungle might be closed for cleaning, but that
Amazon Boat Ride – Iquitos, Peru
Ride a yo-yo with Justin Pushman from Iquitos, but
Los Pistoleros – San Vicente, Bolivia
Los Pistoleros San Vicente, Bolivia It was a two- or three-line entry in the Lonely Planet guidebook, the little-known town of San Vicente. Never heard of it. Some say they made it into Argentina, others that they got back to the States. But I know it was here, Hollywood told me so. On the 6th […]