Kaitlin Mills Travel Articles

A Giant of Good Karma – California, USA
Panic invaded Kaitlin Mills when she saw the tall man and heard what he wanted.
It’s A Small World – Ontario, Canada
Until Kaitlin Mills went overseas, she never understood how true the words to the song "It's a small world after all" really is.
The Rope and The Great Wall – China, Asia
Kaitlin Mills finds a fascinating piece of Chinese culture, even though at the time of discovery, she couldn't appreciate its significance.
Chinese Teenagers – Shanghai, China, Asia
Kaitlin Mills and her colleagues try to figure out how Chinese teenagers choose their English names.
The Word – China, Asia
Kaitlin Mills recounts a story that is quite unbelievable, perhaps too unbelievable.
Let me out, Now – China, Asia
Riding in a taxi in China is an experience, a horrifying experience, yet in the two weeks Kaitlin Mills rode them, she never witnessed an accident.
Real Life – Rome, Italy, Europe
Kaitlin Mills's adventure in a Roman hotel was like watching a film, except it was actually happening.
Bargaining, Chinese Style – Beijing, China, Asia
Welcome to the world of haggling in a Chinese market with Kaitlin Mills.
Lasting Memory – London, England, Europe
Years later, Kaitlin Mills recalls only the utter distaste of a British woman.