Katherine Friesenhahn Travel Articles

Semper Fideles: Always Faithful – Fredericksburg, Texas
Semper Fideles:  Always Faithful – Fredericksburg, Texas home_march04_tx.jpgKatherine Friesenhahn
Why is There a Cow Behind Your Motorhome? – Three Rivers, Texas
Katherine Friesenhahn learns that sometimes, accents can be hard to decipher - even within your own country!
Humming Engines, Slamming Doors & Muffled Voices: Our Trip to Seminole Canyon State Park, Texas
When Katherine Friesenhahn headed on an overnight journey, stopping at an empty, peaceful state park, she didn't expect to wake up in the middle of a boy scout pow wow!
Turning Point: The Beginning of our RV Travels – Lost Maples State Natural Area, Vanderpool, Texas
From her very first mile in the movable home, Katherine Friesenhahn knows that RV'ing is her dream way to travel.