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Goats and Goddesses – Kathmandu, Nepal
Goats and Goddesses – Kathmandu, Nepal home_jun06_goats.jpgAmanda Peskin ponder
Escape from Kathmandu (or, How to Con and Influence Apathetic Power Brokers at the Indian Embassy) – Kathmandu, Nepal
Jeff Vize gets a lesson in conning...and karma.
Enlightenment at Pashupatinath – Kathmandu, Nepal
Ken Silver concludes that being poor might be bett
Full Moon at Mani Rimdu (5 of 5)
We chose the rocky path. Halfway up, under a relentless sun, three of us decided to turn back. I was disappointed our stamina had waned. I didn’t want to miss the Rimpoche’s blessing. We had come this far, but Jim assured us, “Save your energy for tomorrow’s ceremonial dances.” I demurred. The following day we […]
Full Moon at Mani Rimdu (2 of 5)
Few people stumble into Nepal by accident. Jim had an ongoing love affair with the mountains and its Sherpa inhabitants. Susan had begun a jewelry business in California. Rick was Buddhist so for him coming to Nepal was a pilgrimage. My husband, Chris, and I were just plain curious. I had one problem (aside from […]
Full Moon at Mani Rimdu (4 of 5)
We hiked along a wide, well-trodden path connecting Phaplu to Saleri (about forty minutes at a leisurely pace). On Saturday market day, the thoroughfare would swell with a flow of porters, merchants carrying produce, monks riding horseback, and local townsfolk, but this day, we had most of the road to ourselves. We followed its dips […]
Full Moon at Mani Rimdu (3 of 5)
The Hotel del Sherpa, our home base for the next six days, brought eclecticism to new heights of grandeur. A cross between a four star Swiss ski resort and a painstakingly frescoed Buddhist monastery, this lodge embraced the best of spiritual aura and creature comforts – woodburning stoves and a fireplace in the main living/dining […]
Full Moon at Mani Rimdu (1 of 5)
Chris Card Fuller hiked to the Chiwong monastery i
When Adventure Turns Into Misadventure (2/2)
The early trekking part of our trip was not the pure Himalayan adventure we had anticipated but became largely an urban/rural cultural excursion, which in its own right was quite fascinating and certainly wildly different and unfamiliar to us First World types. Were we disappointed because our trip had changed character? A little, yes – […]
When Adventure Turns Into Misadventure (1/2)
Weather forces a change of plan in a trekking and