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The Millennium Trip – Letter #13
Mickey Mouse walked into the cafe closely followed by Pluto. He was dressed in battle fatigues and he had a green handkerchief tied over his head in the way favoured by GI’s during the war. He had cut two holes in the top of the handkerchief where his ears stuck out. “Where are you going, […]
The Millennium Trip – Letter #11
Ni hau everyone, They prowl the empty stations at night. Waiting, on fast bicycles. These are the brave men and women of the University English Departments. Selflessly devoting their time and efforts to the pursuit of native English speakers. Cleverly trapping their victims with insipid friendliness, free meals and tours of the city. "Exchoos me, […]
The Millennium Trip – Letter #10
Ni hau everyone, Xi’an (map), ancient capital of China between the Qin and the Tang dynasties was home to Emperor Qin Shihuang’s army of terra-cotta soldiers. Arriving here was like arriving back in the 20th century with a jolt. We stepped out of our time machine to find ourselves surrounded by sky-scrapers, neon signs, western […]
The Millennium Trip – Letter #6
Namaste everyone, The poverty in India is oppressive. More so than in any other country I have been to. In India, the poverty refuses to be compartmentalized or hidden behind conveniently positioned hedgerows. Here it is in your face all the time. It is on the pavement; starving, sleeping, washing, whining, defecating – on the […]
The Millennium Trip – Letter #2
Head of Zeus Statue. Mt Nemrut Dagi, Eastern Turkey Have just returned from watching the sun rise on the 2000 year old Commagene statues at the top of Mount Nemrut. Even the heads of the statues are taller than I am. Like something out of Ozymandius. Really, bizarre! Am now sitting in Malatya and waiting […]
A Pair of Old Jeans – New York City, New York, USA
Keiron Burchell travels to New York and finds the
A Weekend in Stockholm (2 of 2)
On Anna-Christine’s recommendation, I spent Saturday evening at Stampen, a jazz club in Gamla Stan. The club was built like a rabbit warren on two floors of an 18th century building. It had two stages, one on each floor. The upstairs band played real I-know-jazz kind of jazz, while the downstairs bar had a dance […]
A Weekend in Stockholm (1 of 2)
Before leaving for Scandinavia, I tried to gauge opinion on Sweden by asking some friends to name a few things Swedish. I quote verbatim: Blondes, au pairs, blonde au pairs, ABBA, Ikea and Volvos. (Please note: This survey was carried out prior to the appointment of whatshisname, the England football manager.) Having been to Stockholm […]
The Millennium Trip – Letter #9
Tashi deli everyone, “Lhasa is all fucked up.”, said Bernard turning his nose up at all the Internet cafes, the PLA (Army) led Chinese tour groups, the Lonely Planet toting Westerners and the cheesecake and pizza selling Tibetan restaurants. I imagined him thinking; “I mean really, cheesecake in China! Have you ever heard of such […]
The Millennium Trip – Letter #8
Namaste everyone, I love Kathmandu. I am sorry, but I do. Without doubt it has been the most tourist-orientated city so far, unquestionably the most expensive. Despite all this, despite myself, I have been seduced by it’s filter coffees, it’s sit-down loos and it’s supermarkets selling Gillette shaving blades and Werther’s Original sweets. Yesterday evening […]