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Kelli Sullivan: BootsnAll Author
Kelli Sullivan: BootsnAll Author Kelli Sullivan BootsnAll Author Kelli’s travels have included working in Hospital Esquela in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Emmex is an orphan Kelli worked with while she was there. I am 21 year-old Kelli Nicole Sullivan – a wanderer, nomad, homeless even: New Orleans, Houston, London, or Amsterdam…take your pick. I do know that my soul belongs among […]
Hammocks, E-Coli, and Liquados #9: Pulhapanzak – Pulhapanzak, Honduras
Was it the brilliant 200 foot waterfall surrounded by jungle or the green-eyed prodigy jumping from top of said waterfall that took Kelli's breath away?
Hammocks, E-Coli, and Liquados #10: The Ticket to Taxis – Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Kelli gives you three very good reasons why not to slam the doors of the taxi when you're trying to bargain a ride.
Hammocks, E-Coli, and Liquados #7: Bus or Bust – Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Honduran buses, be them yellow American school buses or masterpieces with the face of Bob Marley plastered on the rear, always made Kelli a little nervous and provided several entertaining stories...
Hammocks, E-Coli, and Liquados #8: Emmex – Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Hammocks, E-Coli, and Liquados #8: Emmex – Tegucigalpa, Honduras Volunteering in a Honduran hospital, Kelli didn't think she was strong enough to handle it. Until she met a little orphan named Emmex.
Hammocks, E-Coli, and Liquados #5: Hotel Juticalpa – Juticalpa, Honduras
Hotel Juticalpa is a lot like Kelli imagined Hotel California to be. The owners guarded the entrance with a fully loaded machine they slept on the couch watching a Latin soap opera.
Hammocks, E-Coli, and Liquados #6: Washed and Pressed with Bullets Included – Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Running late to make a meeting became irrelevant after Kelli looked into the front seat of the taxi, engine running but dead driver hunched over the steering wheel.
Hammocks, E-Coli, and Liquados #2: Que La Vaye Bien… – Copan Ruinas, Honduras
Almost as soon as she arrived, Kelli was off on a trip to the ruins at Copan, where she learned that dogs hate rocks and always hike with your passport.
Hammocks, E-Coli, and Liquados #3: Homemade Barbed Wire – Tegucigalpa, Honduras
What do you do when a 40 year old drunk man comes straight at you with a machete?
Hammocks, E-Coli, and Liquados #4: Hitch Hiking 101 – Talanga, Honduras
It's not as easy as throwing your thumb in the air and kissing public buses goodbye. There is definitely skill involved, as Kelli found out on the way to Guaimaca.