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20: The Masai Monkey Murders – Diary of a Single Girl – Masai Mara National Park, Kenya
No matter where you go, you cannot escape the violence of man.
19: The Giraffe Near the Airport… – Diary of a Single Girl – Nairobi, Kenya
In Nairobi never trust a tout, look out for hookers and muggers, and remember that sometimes tears are all you need against predators.
On Safari – Kenya
On Safari – Kenya Bob Riel found something primal about being on the
Kenya: Patchwork of Experiences – Kenya
Bob Riel found Kenya to be an intense mosaic, from
Night Bus to Nairobi
Night Bus to Nairobi Night Bus to Nairobi Uganda-Kenya We took the night bus to Nairobi, waved off by Liz’s lover, my suitor and a friendly fifth wheel, and it was only the middle of the afternoon. We left Kampala, first snuggling down into cosy gossip to the rhythm of the road, then lulled to contented silence by the […]
Big Brother’s African Brother #24: Nairobi, Kenya to Arusha, Tanzania
Three truck mates leave in Nairobi and three new truck mates replace them. Penny ponders how to create a gluten/wheat-free, vegetarian, vegan and meat version of the same dish.
Big Brother’s African Brother #22: Nakuru to Nairobi, Kenya
The group are instructed to clean the truck in preparation for the three new truck mates. Hope they appreciate it.
Big Brother’s African Brother #23: Nairobi, Kenya
Close contact with elephants and giraffes and in the evening, the group splurge on a night out to Carnivore, but Tom and Penny refuse to go.
Big Brother’s African Brother #9: Eldoret, Kenya to Kampala, Uganda
Crossing the border into Uganda is fairly painless and Penny feels this is more of the Africa she has come to see.
Big Brother’s African Brother #8: Lake Nakuru to Eldoret, Kenya
Many of the group are groggy after a night of partying and Jason ends up sleeping on the grass in his sleeping bag after being evicted from his tent.