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Good Sign for the Future – Turkey
Leanne Currie-McGhee was amazed and touched at the outpouring of sympathy and support from all those she met in Turkey after the tragedy in the US.
Valentine’s in Vietnam
Armed with chocolate, bread and cheese, Leanne Cur
Thailand: Lessons on a Bus (2 of 2)
Miraculously, we fell asleep. This did not last. At midnight every light flashed on and loud Thai music blasted from the speakers. No one else looked surprised (perhaps this was reviewed during that ten minute intro by the stewardess). An attendant, not the stewardess, then came around with hot towels for us to wipe our […]
Thailand: Lessons on a Bus (1 of 2)
Leanne Currie-McGhee's "relaxing" bus journey from
RTW Travelers: The New Trend (3 of 3)
The Stories Living every day on the road in new countries is challenging and exciting. Travelers never know what to expect next and live to tell unforgettable stories. Their stories are the reason they embark on RTW journeys. As more people read these stories on the web, in travelogues and magazines, and discover the trip […]
RTW Travelers: The New Trend (2 of 3)
Who Are These RTW Travelers? To find out the types of people RTW travelers are, why they embark on RTW’s and if their journeys are worth the money, the time and the risks, I surveyed folks who are either on the road or who have returned from a RTW trip. They willingly shared both details […]
RTW Travelers: The New Trend (1 of 3)
  “I did not want to live the rest of my life thinking, ‘Why did I not travel and live out my dream’,” Tom Landenberger, on why he took a year and a half off to travel around the world to countries such as Finland, Russia and Portugal. As more people realize this dream is […]