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First Impressions Do Not Count – Beirut, Lebanon
First Impressions Do Not Count – Beirut, Lebanon Marco De Oliveira visited Lebanon recently and found charm to be in short supply, until he left the modern city center of Beirut.
Surprise – Beirut, Lebanon
After five trips to Lebanon, Mark Lopez' infatuation with the country hasn't faded.
Lebanon Travel Facts
The Basics Country: Lebanon Where is it?: Lebanon is bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Israel and Syria. What are the main entry points?: Travelers usually enter Lebanon from the airport in Beirut. It has connections to many places throughout the world. If you’re traveling overland, the only way to reach Lebanon is through Syria. The […]
Round The World by Bike: Lebanon (24 November 2001)
Lebanon What do you know of Lebanon and Beirut? Let’s be honest: you’ve probably only read this far because you thought the title was ‘Lesbians’. What I knew (or thought I knew) was a place ripped apart by fighting – tanks and rubble in the streets, concrete shells of buildings Emmental-ed with bullet holes. Fanatics […]
Cairo to Istanbul in a G-string #6
The Chicken Theory “Ali, how come all Lebanese girls have big breasts?” I whispered across the breakfast table signing Pamela Anderson’s figure. “Is it silicon?” It was 10 o’clock on a Monday morning in a trendy restaurant of central Beirut. Ali, my hot new date, followed my gaze and peeked discreetly at the ten twentysomething […]
Two Months in the Middle East #4
Two Months in the Middle East #4 Captured Israeli tank in Brashit Hill 880, Irish UN Outpost Brashit, South Lebanon – June 10th, 2000 Standing on the watchtower of hill 880, one of the most exposed outposts of the UN in Lebanon, I began to realise how dangerous it was for the troops before Israel retreated. A former SLA compound is less […]
Two Months in the Middle East #3
Two Months in the Middle East #3 Fatima Gate, Kfar Kila, South Lebanon – June 9th, 2000 The crack of the bullets is deafening. There is a lot of screaming and shouting. Chaos. A Palestinian boy has just been shot by the Israeli army on the other side of the border fence, literally yards from where we were standing. Hizbullah stewards, all […]
Two Months in the Middle East #2
Sabra Refugee Camp, Beirut – June 8th, 2000 An utterly depressing place. The Palestinian refugees here live in absolute squalor. Forced out of Palestine by the Zionist ‘pioneers’ in 1948, most fled to Jordan. Misrepresented by the PLO, they again were forced to leave Jordan after the ‘Black September’ massacres of 1970. The refugees soon […]
Two Months in the Middle East #1
Beirut – June 7th, 2000 Two weeks after Israel have withdrawn from the south The procession of cars noisily speeds down the alleyway outside my hostel two or three times a night. Hizbullah flags and banners dangle precariously from the windows as passers-by cheer and clap. The scene is made even more surreal by the […]