Lee Abbamonte Travel Articles

Death in Maputo – Maputo, Mozambique, Africa
Lee Abbamonte and his friend were totally revolted by what they saw in the main bus terminal. Yet, the locals seemed not to notice.
Asleep in Lesotho – Lesotho, Africa
Lee Abbamonte loves Africa. It's a continent where you need to expect the unexpected. This story certainly falls in that category.
Who Would Know Guatemala Has So Much To Offer – Guatemala, Central America
Most people would not choose Guatemala as their first choice of countries to see in Central America. Lee S. Abbamonte thinks it is one of the most interesting and diverse places, in fact, he went back
From Moshi to Uhuru Peak – Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa
From Moshi to Uhuru Peak – Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania,  Africa Lee Abbamonte asked why he and many others spend so much to try something completely out of the ordinary. Could he do it? He found many answers, but he'll treasure one the most.
Reflections: Auschwitz I and II – Birkenau Death Camps – Poland
Lee Abbamonte describes his breakdown while visiting Auschwitz - and its positive ramifications.
Problemos in the Riviera Maya – Riviera Maya, Mexico
Lee Abbamonte's advice is to bring a lot of cash, sunscreen and patience and if you are going to rent a manual car - make sure you know how to drive it.
Maddening: Delhi – Delhi, India
Lee Abbamonte finds that Delhi is dizzying, maddening, frustrating, annoying and sad. It is a microcosm of modern day India.
A Boat Trip in Boracay – Boracay, Philippines
Lee Abbamonte finds paradise, again.
Thoughts on Sri Lanka After The Tsunami – Sri Lanka
As baseball soothed Lee Abbamonte after 9/11, he was almost relieved to see that cricket does the same for Sri Lankans.
Goa’ing The Distance – Goa, India
Lee Abbamonte decides the t-shirt is telling the truth: in India it really is better in Goa.