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The New Lithuania – Lithuania
Tom Dwyer visits a recent EU addition - Lithuania.
One of Europe’s Forgotten Capitals – Vilnius, Lithuania
One of Europe’s Forgotten Capitals – Vilnius, Lithuania home_jan21_capital.jpgFrederick Bernas
What You Risk Reveals What You Value #9: Vilnius II – Vilnius, Lithuania
Lizza had three goals in Vilnius - get a pedicure, buy some souvenirs and, of course, see the city. She also wanted to make more of an effort to talk to the locals.
What You Risk Reveals What You Value #8: Vilnius, Lithuania – Vilnius, Lithuania
Lizza felt sad leaving Lana in Liepaja, but excited to figure out how to get to Vilnius on her own.
European Travelogue #1: Vilnius, Lithuania
European Travelogue #1: Vilnius, Lithuania The Baltic Breakaway.
Vilnius, Lithuania
Vilnius, Lithuania Vilnius (map) is the capital of Lithuania, one of the three Baltic breakaway former states of the Soviet Union. It is situated between Poland and Belarus. It is only 2 hours flying time from Frankfurt or London. Arriving into Vilnius by air, one is greeted by a large tarmac apron far in excess of the […]
From Baltic to the Black Sea #3
Vilnius, Lithuania 31 August 1999 Dear All, Lonely Planet is really screwed up in terms of cybercafe locations – or maybe such places tend to open and shut down quickly. One of the two listed in Riga wasn’t there and I spent much time searching for one above a Vilnius dogdy nightclub, only to be […]
From Baltic to the Black Sea #2
Kaunas, Lithuania 30 August 1999 Laba Diena, (Hello in Lithuanian) I’m now in Kaunas, the second largest city (and capital during the period between WWI & WWII) of the Republic of Lithuania. On Sunday morning (after a late night chat with the landlady’s 2 pretty daughters), I took the 7am bus across southern Latvia into […]