London Travel Articles

Lasting Memory – London, England, Europe
Years later, Kaitlin Mills recalls only the utter distaste of a British woman.
A Father and Son’s Adventure at Gatwick Airport – London, England, Europe
Rob DeLoss and son had to spend the final three days of their European vacation at Gatwick Airport. Read why.
Postman’s Park: London’s Little Known Niche – London, England, Europe
Postman’s Park: London’s Little Known Niche – London, England, Europe Cristi Farrell finds a park in London many locals are unaware of.
Journey of Drink Through Europe – London, Rome, Greece, Germany, Dublin, Scotland, Europe
When Fiona Sanguinetti left for Europe, she wanted to see the requisite cultural sites, but, more importantly, she wanted to mingle with the locals - what better way than in their drinking establishme
Transatlantic Tales – From India to North America
Vasudev Murthy recalls how difficult it was in the old days to travel to the United States.
Harrowing Heathrow – London, England, United Kingdom, Europe
Vasudev Murthy writes about how tight security is at Heathrow Airport. Read what happened to him - and worse - to others.
Traveling With a Clear Plastic Bag – London, England
Jennifer L. Price recounts her experience of flying to Germany out of London the day after the terrorist arrests. She has a few questions about the effectiveness of the procedures, and what more can b
Stray Dog Days – The World
Philip Blazdell rushes around the world, clenching his phone and dashing off love letters, one text at a time.
Hostile Hostel – London, England
Laurie Hahn tells this tale of naivety in action - not knowing how hostels worked, she and her friends quickly found out.
The Freud House – London, England
The Freud House – London, England home_feb11_freud.jpgFreud had only been in London for a year, not