Managua Travel Articles

Managua Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Managua Where is it located?: Managua is located in Nicaragua, in the western half of the country near the Pacific Ocean. Why do people go there?: The city is cheap, and has the crime and poverty that go along with it. Often destroyed by natural disasters, Managua finds itself in a […]
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Managua: Against All Odds
View of the city from the Loma de Tiscapa As a capital constantly battered by death and destruction, Managua’s reputation precedes itself: Flooded by Lake Managua in 1876, leveled by an earthquake in 1885, damaged by a military arsenal in 1902, destroyed by civil war in 1912, occupied by US Marines from 1928-1933, torched by […]
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Managua, Nicaragua: General Info
Quick Facts and Figures Population: 1.3 million Natural Threats: more than 25 volcanoes surround Managua; active fault lines run dead through the middle of the city; prone to flooding and landslides Number killed in 1972 earthquake: 6,000-10,000 Damage from ’72 earthquake: five square miles of the city center in complete ruins; light, water, sewerage, and […]
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