Marie Javins Travel Articles

South East Asia on a Hamstring – March 11
Angkor Wat, Cambodia – March 11, 2000 I crawled onto the minibus in the dark. We left promptly at 5:30am to see the sun rise over Angkor Wat. Again, the sun was not up for cooperating. Angkor Wat became slowly less gray in the hazy morning, disappointing the hundred or so tourists that waited with […]
High-tech travel – not what it’s cracked up to be
Producers of PDA’s, digital cameras and laptops make grand claims to portability and lightweight access for the traveler. In truth, unless you’re traveling for less than a month in only “western” countries, there’s still a lot to be worked out before portable computing fulfills its promises. PDA’s and digital cameras are reliant on home base […]
South East Asia on a Hamstring – February 27
Hanoi, Vietnam – February 27, 2000 I slept in and enjoyed my last few hours of a single room. Wendy’s trip was over and today we got a new group and a new leader and I was to switch rooms and share with Lochie for the next ten nights. Our new leader was as of […]
South East Asia on a Hamstring – February 25
February 25, 2000 Blaring propaganda woke me up at 6am. That’s the downside of sleeping near a border post. I wandered down to the shared bathroom in my t-shirt and shorts, hoping to avoid the family. Shorts are offensive to Laotians – they just don’t wear them. The night watchman lifted his head up and […]