Mark Gilbey Travel Articles

Walking in the Tsar’s Shadow – Ukraine, Europe

Mark Gilbey walks in the shadow of the Tsar, follows Alexander II's Sunlit Path to the iconic Swallow's Nest Castle in Yalta, and discovers what mass tourism means in Ukraine.

The Alternative Olympic Games – Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia, Asia
This is the year the Olympic Games bandwagon controversially arrives in Beijing. While thousands of spectators are heading to China’s sprawling capital, Mark Gilbey looks at another Asian capital pla
On the Buses: Kyiv’s Marshrutkas – Ukraine, Europe
On the Buses: Kyiv’s Marshrutkas – Ukraine, Europe

Mark Gilbey describes an alternative method of getting from A to B in Ukraine's bustling capital, Kyiv, and a chance to see life in the raw.

Lenin’s Playground: The Invisible Soviet State – Moldova, Europe
Mark Gilbey and Andrew Nelson embark on a trip to the de facto independent state of Transnistria, in Moldova.
From Tiananmen Square to Red Square – Russia, China, Mongolia
Mark Gilbey recounts his Trans-Siberian adventure across 5,772 miles and three countries. Per mile, it remains one of the cheapest journeys in the world.