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Marrakech Mayhem – Marrakesh, Morocco
Marrakech Mayhem – Marrakesh, Morocco home_july8_mar.jpgMonkeys, snake charmers,
Uncovered at the Hammam- Morocco
When Elizabeth Nystrom received a scrub in a Moroc
Marrakesh Travel Facts
The Basics City Name: Marrakesh Where is it located?: Marrakesh is in southern Morocco, near the Atlas Mountains. Why do people go there?: With narrow streets too small for a vehicles and a mind-boggling labyrinths of small alleys loaded with eclectic merchandise, the walled city of old Marrakech has developed a reputation as being the […]
The Big Trip #4
Week 7: Welcome to Morocco! Route: Tangier – Chefchaouene – Ouezzane – Meknes 180 kilometers We arrived in Tangier and spent a couple hours cycling in circles through the middle of the city, searching for an ATM that would take our debit cards. I quickly realized I would need to give Bob a few lessons […]
The Other Morocco
Michael Benanav took the road less travelled, visi