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Encounter in Iztapalapa – Mexico City, Mexico
In the course of three hours, Andrew F. G. Dunlop went from theorizing and fantasizing, to understanding about living in Mexico.
Viva Mexico, Living in Mexcio City – Mexico City, Mexico
Lisa Britt manages to convince her boss she can speak Spanish - but what happens after she arrives in Mexico City?
Xochimilco, Mexico City – Mexico
Xochimilco, Mexico City – Mexico A boat trip through channels is something Claus Je
Tacos, Tequila and Too Many Late Nights – Mexico City, Mexico
On a trip to the heart of Mexico, Kiwi Lydia Brown
The Year of Living Differently #28: I-Wonder-Where-Land – Buenos Aires, Argentina to Mexico City, Mexico
With the help of some Singaporean friends living in Mexico City, Trisha was able to ease some of her cravings for food from home.
From Baja to the Land of Fire #3: Mexico City – Palenque – Merida – Playa del Carmen
As Theo continues onward from Palenque, he is starting to learn that it's the little details in travel – like where the windows are – that you have to pay attention to.
From Baja to the Land of Fire #2: Mexico City, Mexico
A trip to some hot springs hits Theo with a cold, but that's nothing compared to the shock of trying to adapt to a long-term traveler's short-term budget.