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Miami Nice – Family Fun in South Beach, Florida
Miami Nice – Family Fun in South Beach, Florida Traveling to South Beach with toddlers may not be an obvious choice, what with the drag shows, 36 oz. giant drinks, and scantily-clad bodies everywhere, but Michelle Lafleur will show you that there are enough kid-friendly activities to keep little ones entertained on a budget that parents can afford.
Five Great Florida Trip Spots
Five Great Florida Trip Spots Rich Gonzalez has compiled five places in Florida that are perfect for families, friends or a romantic getaway.
March 2003 – South Beach, Miami, Florida Travel Guide
Guide and information about South Beach, Miami, Florida. Brandon Dane breaks down
the basics on the high life, low life and red lights of SoBe.
South Beach, Miami, Florida – July 2000
Summer is in full swing here on the Beach, and everyone is gearing up for the Independence Day celebrations. After that, things get a little quieter, perfect for the traveller seeking lower prices and a (relatively) calm vacation in South Beach. Here are the major goings-on in South Beach for July, along with some highlights […]
South Beach, Miami, Florida – June 2000
Summer Stuff Summer in South Beach is on its way, and the official Summer “Season” is coming soon. But for the moment – post-Memorial Day to around the middle of June, at least – things are relatively quiet around here. So I thought I would take a portion of this month’s guide to provide some […]
South Beach, Miami – April 2000
South Beach is in fact a beach, albeit manmade, and it’s within 90-minute drive of not one but TWO national parks. So in honor of Earth Day and National Park Week, both of which happen in April, the South Beach guide is featuring a whole month’s worth of planet-friendly activities in and around South Beach, […]
South Beach, Miami, Florida
When we last left our gunslinger, he was just being deported from Costa Rica… I came rifling into Miami International Airport with $250 in my pocket and the clothes on my back. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. But, I managed. Mostly I managed by living on the beach, getting a job, and winning about $1500 […]