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Minneapolis, Minnesota – August 2001
August is the month of art, or at least art fairs. The strange part is the fairs attempt to compete with each other. The three main fairs, The Uptown, The Powderhorn, and the Loring Park are all scheduled for the same weekend. The first weekend in August. The original, The Uptown Art Fair (612-823-4581), claims […]
Minneapolis, Minnesota – July 2001
It’s July in Minnesota, it’s at least 85° almost everyday and everywhere you look there are fireworks going off. The one thing you have to remember, is that in Minnesota fireworks are illegal. Even on the 4th of July. However, the local authorities tend to look the other way for the majority of this month. […]
Minneapolis, Minnesota – June 2001
It’s here! It’s here! Summer is finally here and it’s warm almost every day. Sometimes downright hot. But it won’t last very long, so, get outside. I don’t care what you do – just GET OUTSIDE. Everyone else will be outside and you will have so many things to do, you won’t know where to […]
Minneapolis, Minnesota – May 2001
A good place to realize exactly how diverse Minnesota culture is would be to visit the St. Paul River Centre in Downtown St. Paul. The 69th Anniversary of The Festival of Nations takes place May 4-6. The River Centre will host 100 ethnic groups and their historic traditions including, folk dance, food, cultural exhibits, and […]
Minneapolis Travel Guide – Useful Phone Numbers
Emergency: 911 Road Conditions: 651-405-6030 TC Tix (cheap tickets): 612-288-2060 Ticketmaster 612-989-5151 Planes, Trains and Autos Northwest/KLM: 800-225-2525 America West: 800-235-9292 American: 800-433-7300 Continental: 800-784-4444 Delta: 800-325-1999 Iceland Air: 800-223-5500 Sun Country: 800-752-1218 TWA: 800-221-2000 United: 800-241-6522 USAir: 800-428-4322 MSP International Airport: 612-726-5500 Amtrak Train Service: 800-872-7245 City Bus (MTC): 612-373-3333 Airport Express: 612-827-7777 Long […]
Minneapolis, Minnesota – March 2001
Life on Lyndale Avenue can be so much fun. Especially when you visit Intermedia Arts (612-871-4444, 2822 Lyndale Ave). There is always something cool and unusual going on at this gallery, theater, stage. March is no exception. Try the Young Artists’ Cabaret, on the last Tuesday of every month. Young Artists’ are invited to show […]
Minneapolis, Minnesota – February 2001
The West Bank The west bank of Minneapolis is a curious place. Being part of University territory, this is apparently where their cultural diversity experiments take place. Cedar Avenue hosts an amazing amount of different types of Bars, Restaurants, and mini markets. As if to ease your transition into this melting pot, the west end […]
Minneapolis, Minnesota – General Info
Fast Facts Orientation Minneapolis is very grid-like. Avenues run north/south; streets run east/west. There are a lot of one-ways, but the next street over usually runs the opposite direction. Please remember there are always exceptions. St. Paul – The capital of Minnesota and the other city that makes up the “twin cities”. Even though it’s […]
Minneapolis, Minnesota – January 2001
Venturing Out It’s not intentional, you just gotta get out sooner or later. Going outside in subzero temperatures sounds crazy, bordering on insane. But when it’s cold for 4-5 months out of the year you don’t have much of a choice. By the end of January your bartender is your best friend and your roommate […]
Minneapolis, Minnesota – December 2000
Winter Temperature Gauge: Hot: 50°F Warm: 30°F Most days: 20°F Minnesotans are totally obsessed with weather. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is. For every point you can make about how beautiful the weather is, someone else will tell you what devastation it will cause. For instance, a mild winter with little […]