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Indie Travel in Hong Kong for $60 Per Day
Indie Travel in Hong Kong for $60 Per Day Some call it the world city of Asia, and Hong Kong has something for everyone. In the morning you can get lost in the city, taking in its international culture, and in the afternoon you can hike in the forest or lounge on the beach. And you can do it all for under $60 a day.
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Travel China By Train
Travel China By Train China's railway system has expanded to the third largest in the world, and it can get you almost anywhere cheap and easily. Here are seven simple steps Mitchell Blatt outlines to help you plan a trip in China by rail.
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Mitchell Blatt – Author Bio
Mitchell Blatt is a freelance writer living in Shanghai and a contributor to He has traveled throughout 15 of China’s 33 administrative regions. He writes about travel, music, China, news, and culture. Mitchell graduated from Indiana University in 2012 with a degree in journalism and a minor in Chinese language. He has been published […]
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